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Originally Posted by Iron_HawK_Customs View Post
Sorry to hear about the poor Suzuki experience, I don't have any negatives to the brand so far. I have always been bias toward Honda. Their reliability has been exceptional from my experience.
I'd had two Hondas before the Suzuki which I was very happy with; I always figured if I got another Japanese bike it would be a Honda. The next bike was an R65 which I still have, and eventually 2 years ago a Kawasaki. But I did buy a Honda outboard for my boat about 4 years ago. It almost always starts second pull when cold and first when warm!

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See that frame crossmember just in front of the rear shock mounts? The wiring loom passes across the front of that member with a big rubber boot containing the bullet connectors for the alternator stator. There's an aluminium tie which holds the boot to the crossmember.

If you forget to refit the tie, you will get to about 50mph, at which point a little more throttle and the rubber boot will be sucked into the air intake and block it.

When you pull over to investigate, gravity will return the rubber boot to its usual position..... It may take you a while to figure out!

That's a completely different tank to the Australian GS450 and GSX250/400. It looks more like the earlier GS425.

Mine looked like this:

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Anyhow today I'm working on my Jeep some more to get another 1.5" lift in the rear so the bike will be postponed but don't give up on me it will come along... slowly but that's what makes it special
Careful it doesn't topple over!
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