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Not familiar with that road. Did the track I laid out travel along part of it? Oh wait... I don't think I have it attached here...


Kind of an 80% finished work in progress. When (hopefully) the window of opportunity opens, it will only take me a few hours to fire up ArcInfo, do some last checks, and then start plotting out the road mapsheets.

Not surprised it is still snowed in. Gray Pass just opened a week ago - although the snow did disappear in a flash when it went. We had a regimental wedding for one of the guys outside at a local lake on Saturday - he had beautiful, fresh snow halfway down the mountain for a background. Matched the bride's dress, which was not good. Now she'll be confused and not realize that she didn't wear white to match the mountains, she wears white to match the rest of the appliances.

Anyways, niggling personal crap is screwing up my riding plans, and those of the guys I wanted to go with. I'm now desperately holding out for hoping to cut out and do the ride sometime in August. If it was work screwing my plans up, it would be easy: go on leave.

Thanks for the heads up on the snow. Any best guesses when it will be snow free? Days? Several weeks?
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