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across the st was a small bar with some people sitting out front and some bikes. they'd yelled when i pulled up, so i wondered over there went inside got a beer went back out front and was bs ing when they all decided they were going back across st and see who was playing. I went back into pay for my beer and this guy yells at me. Tells me i'll have to come back later and pay for my beer he'd just mopped the floor

listened to the band and did some mor bs'ing and decided to hit the rd.

Crossed the river into helena

flooded casino on the miss side

saw some harley's and goldwings out side of a bar someone waved and i pulled in

turned out these guys owned the place and only opened it a few times a yr. good bunch of folks

they told me rds were in bad shape on their side of the river. Rds closed and everybody rerouted to one or two rds.

So i headed back to miss

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