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Originally Posted by keystiger View Post
.. have never broke a chain or a Japanese shaft. But if I am riding the Road of Bones, or through South America or some such, give me a chain and a spare over a BMW shaft any day.
There, fixed it for you! Jokes aside, I just don't get the Beemer shaft/FD failures - How often does a Gold Wing or Concours lunch its drive in less that 50k miles? I want to like the R1200GSA, I really do. I'm willing to put up with a few quirks and expensive parts for a truly great bike, the whole FD issue is what got me considering other bikes like the KTM 990, or the Tiger. The S10 looks great, too, but Im not plunking down 14k for a sight-unseen special order.

Back on topic, with all the new possibilities out there, I've decided that my re-entry to motorcycling will be a KLR 650 for the time being, since it seems like there may be some really interesting big Adv tourers coming to the states in the next year or so. I demo'ed the 800XC, really like it, but I Tiger1200 is more in line with my wants. I'll hone my somewhat rusty skills on the KLR while the Adv market sorts itself out.
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