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So I have a few goals for this bike. They may be modest, but they're goals.

1: Built like a real woods bike. I'm basing this on a full sized bike's chassis, and it needs to not weigh much more than the original bike. The YZ has a claimed weight of around 210 pounds, I didn't check the actual weight before stripping it and I'd like it to end up the same after conversion, but I figure if I keep the weight under 250# that'll be good enough. That's the weight of a modern 250 4 stroke. I'd prefer lighter (sub 225#) but we'll see what I get.

2: Good performance. It needs nice smooth power delivery, especially since there is no clutch to mask any thottle issues. It also needs to wheeley. Top speed should be good enough for local trails, which is around 25 mph.

3: 10 miles of range. That's not much, but if it can be recharged quickly and/or have swappable battery packs then that's good enough for around here. My trials bike has about a 20 mile range and that's enough for a good multi-hour trail ride.
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