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Neato Magneto

My case is marked "M" so originally it came with a Magneto. I also got a NOS distributor block off plate (original packaging) with the project. I've always loved bikes that you could ride even after the battery is dead/ dying/ or simply falls out. So I had my heart was set on finding a mag. Plus most old Indians that I've seen on the road now seem to have a distributors. In the Indian world for those who stay true to "original" tend to be very attracted to rare original factory options. A magneto is not really that rare as factory options go for a 1937 Indian Chief but then again they aren't exactly common.

So my search started for a Edison Splitdorf "Neato" Magneto, I was told that were hard to find but as luck would have it I came across one with in a month of Ebay hunting. The bad news was that the mag I bought needed a new coil.

The good news (really it's all good news when your working on an old bike, it's just that sometimes the news means that your project may take longer or cost more) was that Jack Hurts in Santa Rosa is one of the few folks around that still rewinds coils and services mags. So I was off to a good start. And a few weeks later I had a freshly rebuilt Mag that shot out a strong blue spark even at low rpms. Which hopefully will make for easy starts for years to come.

So I mentioned that I was told that a Edison Splitdorf Magneto was hard to find, Turns out the following month another one came up for sale on ebay and sold for less than what I paid for mine. And it put a decent spark with out requiring a rebuild. That seems to the way these things go. Long story longer, I couldn't resist buying it, And it must have been a good price since I just paid for for one in worse condition. I'll hold on to until the one Jack rebuilt for me has proven itself worthy for another 75 years. Or I'll use it for leverage on a trade for equally hard to fine parts. Next Posting: The Frame.

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