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American Honda has a way a alienating their customers with stale product. Just for example take their CRF-230 (the dually bike, not the playbike). It's not only smaller than the rest of the 250 dually bike offerings but a seventies design with a FIVE speed. To top it off they have the nerve to give it a five grand suggested list price. Put this up against the fuel-injected slice-off-of-an-R1 WR-250R/X and they wonder why it's not selling...

A buddy of mine, who used to own a Honda shop, said that the business went to hell after the old man died. I agree.

Anyway can't wait to hear more about the Big Ruckus clone!!!
Boring fiction--"One Last Ride in the Hoosier":

Eek!! More boring fiction--"One Last Ride in the Hoosier Revisited":
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