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About a month ago, I ordered a pair of the Model 30 lights. I received them promptly. (Thank you sanjoh!) I still needed to work out a method to mount them as I own a 2008 Suzuki Burgman 400. It has a lot of great things about it, but isn't designed like a BMW F800GS with lots of places to simply clamp a mounting bracket to. So I kluged together a bracket that attaches to the front fairing plastic and spreads the load out to four bolts, instead of just one. Hopefully, it'll work and not crack.

Light output has been perfect for what I need. I ride a 60 mile daily commute in Seattle with a stretch on I-5 from Shoreline to Mt. Lake Terrace that is not lit. In the winter with the rain coming down and the sun long gone, that road surface just sucks up any available light. I wanted a driving light that would be usable in traffic (not blinding anyone), and would extend just past the low beam light pattern.

This works. The light pattern is tight enough that both spot lights stay within my lane with little spread outside that location. They are bright enough to be clearly seen on the road, and much brighter where they hit than the H4 low-beam lights. I don't seem to be bothering any other drivers because I've asked, and they said the lights were fine...but they hated HID lights.

So these seem to be a winner.

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