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Day 9 : 30th April : Zagora / Ouarzazate

Wake up!
pack luggage to transport truck

Final morning checks, all gear on, head for control de depart
get some fuel
Ok, now we're heading to control de depart

Where is Romero??
He left early and still did not arrive...
oh yes, his GPS is dead, the roadbook is broken..
There he comes, looks like he didn't got (too) lost
Bonne route
strange Zing Zing sound..
oh... it's just a loose brake caliper...
here we go again...

Fast tracks

some rocky climbs
death valley

going up
going down

going up again

more rocks
still going up
great view

rocks rocks rocks
despite the huge quantities of rocks, the landscape was trully amazing

Still going up

We crossed a caravan of very colorfull Citroen 2CV going down the track, quite interesting spirit to do that in 4 wheels
Scrambled eggs and mint tea at the top of the world

The track continues, near the clouds

Now going down
some Zig zag


rain, yes or no??
that would be quite welcome to avoid all that dust in the air


landscape was truly...............

My photograph machine was boiling
Someplaces were just impossible to let by without taking that image forever

Ups.... almost
fatigue... body is getting beaten
Another Oued

i'm gone...
gone... almost..
somehow managed to not falling one single time
someone threw a rock at me
fu#king kids...
rain on the left... am i going to overpass it?

It was quite farther than expected
Control de Arrive
Hotel Oscar
There are some cinema studios around, thus the name...
hotel room(?)
Bath... icy one
Dinner at Seven Years in Tibet stage.... this time was Seven Stage in L'Amitie Raid

F16.. cheap imitation

Fooling around

Hey, shut that thing OFF!

Studio where the whole Raide de L'Amitie was filmed.... (nothing of this really happened)

Good night sleep!
(No repairs tonight)
To be continued....
Growing old is mandatory... growing up is optional!

Raid de L'Amitiť 2011 RR (link)
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