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Back to the valve adjustment - the head looks exactly like the 2008-2011 450/530 EXC/XC. This is very easy to adjust and very robust.

You pull off one 6mm screw and a forked keeper, then the cam slides out of the bearings and drops down. This allows both rocker arms to pivot up and you can pluck the shims off the top of the keepers. This uses the 7.98 dia shims like all the 2007-up four strokes. Total time to adjust all four is about 45 min, including unloading it from and truck and pushing it in the shop.

The USA bike will be a 500 EXC with Fuel Injection, just like the current 350 SX/XC, but no doubt a few more catch bottles. There will also be a street legal 350 exc, but no street legal 450 exc.

The Keihin FI on the current 350 XC and the 250 XC is perfect. This FI can be modified to run without a battery in kick start only mode, you only add a capacator. There is a $450 'user setting tool' available from KTM that will allow you to modify the FI and Ign timing, but you won't need it. The only issues so far are dirt getting to the injector, so KTM added a fourth (!) small filter.

These should be available in the USA about late-Sept to early-Oct.

I've got one on order, it will be replacing an XR650R and a 300EXC, so it will do full trail and dual-sport duties.

Just needs a bigger tank (4 gal) and a cush seat.
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