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And so we continued to wend our way west ward, sticking to mostly forestry roads, only using sealed roads to link up our trails.

We found a couple of trails that were bold on the GPS but petered out to nothing on the ground..

In these situations, the DRZ was sent out on a scouting run, as it was a LOT easier to turn around than the sidecar when the going got tight. Meanwhile, Bruce waited patiently.

Our fifth day on the road was cut short by pouring rain, and we ended up holing up in another Motel in Kettle Falls for the night. I think we need to rethink how we deal with rain when Bruce is with us, it just didn’t seem fair not to give him a nice warm room to dry off in once he had got wet.

But no worries for day six! The sun had driven away the clouds and the mountains were out again. Bruce and Sunny admired the fire overlook on Hwy 20.

Lots of back roads to run. Here Bruce is tied up to the sidecar to prevent him engaging in his new hobby of eating cow pats. Really, Bruce?

You are here … our excellent, detailed and accurate map, the name of which I have forgotten, but will find out if anyone would like to know it. It had almost all of the forestry backroads on it, and seemed more up to date than the GPS info.

Probably the shakiest section of the route was this steep downhill section, kind of washed out, and I only just had enough steering lock to make the turns. There likelihood of getting the BMW turned around and back up was slim, so it kind of had to go through.

We should’ve had more faith in the beast, we made it down just fine…. If slightly puckered.

A few remote log cabins around, this one looked abandoned but saveable.

When she wasn’t in front, this is the view I had of Sunny in my rear view mirrors … she had definitely found her happy place on the gravel this week.

And Bruce had found his happy place as my monkey too.

We rode on through Oroville, up past the delightful Palmer Lake and found ourselves a deserted horse camp by a stream.

Lots of good wood to keep us warm.

As we were getting ready to turn in, Bruce suddenly started taking a lot of interest in the bikes, and wouldn’t leave them alone, no matter what we tried. Eventually I went to investigate and look what I found …

Bruce must’ve scared the little fella up into the bike, and he had found sanctuary under my fuel tank.

One of the more unusual things I have found on my bike … I tried getting him out, but in the end we left him to it. When I went back half an hour later, he had escaped into the night.

From a WW1 RAF Flight Manual ...
"If a crash at the home airfield is inevitable, try to hit something soft and, preferably, inexpensive"

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