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Hey, Grok.

Just thought I'd let you know that my Harmonizer arrived. I've had a little leg issue the past couple of days so I hadn't been up to my office/shop. Made it there this evening, though, and there a box from Far Horizons sat on my desk. It's probably been there a few days, so I can sincerely report to the no doubt huge throng of upcoming customers you are going to have that you ship *FAST*!

Great service, and I appreciate it.

Don't have any of my bikes that need synching at the moment, so I haven't used it. I did pull it out of the box and set it next to my early model (square box) TwinMax, and I have to say on appearance alone it is a bit like comparing an old VCR to a BluRay DVD player. The transparent case is truly a cool idea, adding a lot of character to the Harmonizer, and it's so light!

Truly looks a wonderful device, and I can't wait until I get a chance to work with it.




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