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Dumb question: Can I ride my motorbike to Leechtown (Vancouver Island)

Now, I'm sure this is a dumb question, but there it is. I wanna drive my sidecar machine up to Leechtown. I know I can walk there, but it seems like an interesting destination (I realize that there isn't much there). I took a quick glance at my backroads map and drove out there today, and of course found locked gates on the Boneyard Main road, and from the Pot Holes. It was a nice ride out to Sooke anyway of course.

Is there a way to drive my bike there? Or Somewhere else where I can see rusty broken-down junk after driving down gravel? I can't go around gates, as the bike is 5' 6" wide.

I ask not just 'cause I'm curious, but because I'm gonna sell my Chang, and then I'll be with out a bike for a while, until I get my WLC going and I figured this would be an entertaining little trip.

Thanks in advance ADV'ers.
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