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Next up are the Becks Creek bridges. I have located three pony truss bridges over this creek. Saddly two of them are closed to traffic and Im sure the third one will be closed soon as it is in dire need of maintanance which is not likely to happen with a bridge of this age.
The first bridge was open last year but has since been closed and the deck stripped of its planks. This is a 4 pannel Bedstead pony truss bridge over Beck's Creek on TR 373, 5.4 mi. southeast of Oconee. The bridge was built in 1899 with a Total length: 64.9 ft. and Deck width: 13.4 ft.

Location: N3915'58" , W8900'23"

It really saddens me (angers me) to see a piece of history (this bridge is 112 years old) lost because of negligence! I understand there may not be funds to maintain it properly, but rather than strip it of its planks and let nature engulf it for ever, why not lower the load limit to allow only light weight vehicles to cross or barracade the bridge when it is unsafe for all traffic. BUT, leave it intact for future generations to enjoy!

The next bridge is a riveted, 5-panel Pratt pony truss bridge over Becks Creek on TR 32, 2.6 mi. northwest of Herrick. This bridge was built in 1909 with a Total length: 129.9 ft. and Deck width: 13.7 ft. The bridge is closed to all traffic, but we were able to ride across it with out any problem.

Location: N3914'55" , W8900'52"

vfrpilot crossing the bridge......

tripleplay crossing the bridge.......

From here vfrpolit led us to the last of the Becks creek bridges. We road several miles of very poorly maintained dirt roads and several short stretches of mud. We were on a grass road/trail that looked as tho it had not been driven on this year. I enjoyed this portion of the ride very much!

The bridge is a 4-panel bedstead Pratt pony truss over Beck's Creek on TR 317, 5.6 mi. northwest of Herrick. This bridge was built in 1919 with a Total length: 60.0 ft.and Deck width: 13.7 ft. This is the only bridge of the three that can be legaly crossed. Im not sure how much longer the bridge will be open as it shows signs of deck planking starting to float up from a recent flood.

Location: N3917'58" , W8900'13"

From here we headed north towards Moweaqua and the Flat Branch creek. The first bridge is a riveted, 6-panel Pratt pony truss over Flat Branch on TR 35A, 3 mi. southeast of Moweaqua. This bridge was built in 1916 with a Total length: 85.9 ft. and Deck width: 17.7 ft.

Location: N3933'59" , W8858'18"

Here is the remains of a Pony truss bridge over Flat Branch on TR 86. The bridge was built in 1900 with a Total length: 69.9 ft. and Deck width: 13.8 ft.

location: N3934'18" , W8858'30"

I dont know much about this bridge other than its location.

Location: N39 19' 33.1" W88 48' 21.2"


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