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Originally Posted by alekkas View Post
Rhino, to respectfully add because this bridge has been viewed with a little more respect than most of the old ones. Due to your influence, an overnight motorcycle / camping trip with my 15 year old wound up with an early morning visit to the Lyndon, IL bridge. I am adding because it seems to have a different fate from many old bridges. The town rescued it from demolition in 1995 and sells plaques for the foundation - you can "sponsor" a plank for $75. Just south of I88, I think it is north of your area.

The bridge inexplicably connects the town to gravel roads and cornfields. Built in 1894, it is approximately 600 feet long. It is a Pratt Truss that you have photographed so well in other examples, so I'll just add two photos that set this apart from the others I have found.

The town built a park around it. We met a man on his morning bicycle ride. He said it still gets used by walkers and bikes. The park gets used for parties and cook outs:

Most planks were memorials, sponsorships, and other things. This was my favorite - so sweet....

Gotta tell you, Rhino, this is not only an excellent "treasure hunt" type activity to add to rides. There are a lot of emotions attached to walking an old and noble or sad and neglected structure that is abandoned. The design and workmanship of these old bridges is pretty amazing. Thanks for the rides.

alekkas, thanks for sharing the photos and the encouraging story of a city rescuing this historic treasure for generations to come to enjoy. You are correct about the emotions felt when visiting these old structures. One of the biggest thrills is finding a way to cross the old closed bridges , stop in the middle and try to picture the farmer taking his crops to town with a horse and wagon, the Model-A with family going to church on sunday morning, a soilder comming home from WW2 on his Indian Scout, the two brothers taking a break from farm chores and fishing off the bridge, Richie driving his 55 Chevy way too fast trying to get Mary home before she is late. The school bus dropping kids off after school, the mail man delivering mail in the snow, .............................

I am glad you are enjoying this.

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