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Recently purchased a 2008 (yes Supah 2008) Tiger from an inmate here.

I put over 700 miles on it Saturday and have a few things to say about it.

1. It has power to spare. Was pulling the front wheel in 2nd gear with little effort and felt like it could pretty much throw me off were I not paying attention.

2. I had been asked about heat coming off the bike and being hot on the rider. I didn't notice any issues like that. Even in the heat there did not seem to be a problem like was mentioned.

3. Comfort, HELL YES! I have ridden about every kind of bike. Until now the 1998 Triumph Trophy held the "Most comfortable" honor. Well, the Tiger pretty much kicked it's ass. I seldom had to move around to be comfortable, my ass was not sore and is not sore today, and my knees and back are great too. If you have ever ridden 500+ miles in a day, the fatique in your ass, back, and neck can be annoying. None of that here. Seated position was just right for me, and after playing with the angle of the bars the week b4 this ride, it seems dialed in just right.

4. Buffeting.... Pretty bad. I had to keep my head in certain positions to keep from feeling like it was Tyson's speed bag. not sure what the fix is for this. On my Trophy it was never too bad, but went away completely with a taller screen. I may ride this bike without the screen next time around and see how that is. In playing around on the road (putting my hand sideways on the top of the windscreen, it seems I need about 2 or 3 more inches (story of my life) to stop this problem.

4. Handling. Like a dream. It is stock, but I have played around with it a bit. Not the best I've had, but really good. Very little dive, will hold a line pretty good and the drift is predictable. Not planning to change anything there.

5. Headlights. One word, SUCKS. If it had not been for those Strom lights, I would have ridden with the brights on all the way home. On low, the Tiger makes what looks like the smiling mouth of a clown, and is about as useful. Total darkness less than 100ft in front of me. On bright, you can see forever, but the low beam is about as useful as a third testicle. Or so BW tells me.

6. Gas milage, even with the screwing around and such, never got below 46 MPG on a tank. Even had 50.3 MPG on one tank. That means I was having to put gas in about every 220 miles. Although we seldon rode straight thru a tank, BW's Strom seemed to be kicking my ass in that department.

Overall, the Tiger is a great bike. I think it will be in the garage a while.
I'll be back....
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