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Originally Posted by backwoodsKLR View Post
Recently purchased a 2004 Wee Strom...

I put over 700 miles on it Saturday and have a few things to say about it.

1. It has adequate power for my intended uses. I could be cruising along in 6th gear, change lanes and roll on to pass cars with ease on two lane roads...

2. I did not notice any heat problems... Did have some buffeting and I'm not sure if it is from the Givi aftermarket windshield, my new helmet or the funky hand guards on the bike that seem to take a direct hit from the wind...

3. Comfort, OH YEAH... Coming from a KLR, the Sargent seat was great for the first 500 miles, but I think being in wet jeans may have skewed my test a little...

4. Buffeting.... A little head vibration over 60MPH. Will try putting the stock windscreen back on or adjusting height.

4. Handling. Like a dream. Well, almost... It had been lowered and this caused some problems. But as of today, it is back raised and feels much better. With more miles, i know how much this helped...

5. Headlights. One word, AWESOME!!! Better than my F150!!!!

6. Gas mileage, I have not calculated it yet, but did keep a mileage log and will add it up tomorrow. It appears I was in the mid to upper 40's in rough guestimation.

Overall, the Weeeeee is a great bike. I think it will be in the garage a while.


the bike came mostly fully farkled:

Hepco & Becker 37L side cases and racks.
Motech crash bars
heated grips
custom hand guards (will probably have to go, did not like)
Sargent and stock set
Givi and stock windshield
New Chain and sprockets
Lowering links and shortened side stand (going up for sale or trade in FM soon)
Skidplate (don't like the design and will be offering for sale when I get a new one that covers more)
Almost new Tourance tires
Center stand
etc so forth and so on....

I likes it!!!!
Something tells me you will have over 100k on this bike b4 we know it.
I'll be back....
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