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Thanks for the help Dachary. It was a crazy week of catchup. It was also great to see you both at the Rally.

Let me know if there are still lingering Sand questions abound.


Originally Posted by Dachary View Post
I'll put in my $0.02 cuz I think the great guys at RevZilla are still getting settled after the BMW MOA Rally (great job, btw, guys!)

Re: the Velcro in the armor pouch - thats how you adjust the armor. If you need it higher in the pants, close one or both of the Velcro strips under the armor so it can't slide all the way down the pouch. For lower position, close the Velcro at the top of the armor pouch. Low-tech but totally works.

Re: the sleeves on the Sand jacket - mine, sadly, lacks that button and unzips itself frequently at highway speeds. Drives me crazy. But the updated version that RevZilla is selling now (which I saw at the rally and am SO JEALOUS) has the button snap, so I think you'll be covered if you order one now. But you can always call the guys to confirm when you order - they're more than happy to answer stuff like that.

Still loving my Sand, btw, in spite of the sleeve zippers, but I'm running the Rotor pants right now and I've gotta say the venting is far superior to the Sand. Threw in some D3O armor and I'm feeling plenty protected. But I continue to stick with the Rev'It! gear because I feel like they put a lot of thought into features/developing. And their service is great.
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