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So its Tuesday now the weather is till pretty wild so just hung around did the regulation bike ride then to the shops etc so nothing out of the ordinary. That was till 4am in the morning lol this is going to have to be a very edited version of the nights events and no names mentioned at the request of the culprit ha ha

Ok so I was actually awake at 3:30am, still have shitty sleep with my neck and back but this is the story.
I was just lying in bed on facebook and I get a txt message, “are you up” ok yeah im awake so the next one is well ill be around in a few minutes put the kettle on, Ok then, so here it is 4am in the morning and I get a visitor and it was a very pretty visitor too, not the one I would of liked but oh well as they say in the good book NEXT!!!!! She had been out and had wanted to party but noone was there to party with her so it was poor old me that had to get up, oh just terrible, why me I thought, life just wasnt meant to be easy was it.

Now im not going to complain to much about my misfortune of having her sitting on the end of my bed at 4am but fair dinkum. I really should complain to management, they let anyone in here, it could of been a robber ha ha. We partook in [edited on request] and then [edited at request] then after spilling the ash tray on my nice clean white doona and [edited at request] and then leaving a wet spot on my bed, yes she spilt her water too, she left and headed off around 6am. Was a very nice surprise put it that way, one that id be happy with at any time even it was all just innocent fun, after all I am a sweet innocent lovable guy who just likes to make people happy.

Was interesting evening to say the least, needless to say nothing untoward happened but I guess that depends on your classification of untoward doesn't it. I asked her how I was supposed to blog this, so this is my attempt. Was fun with you as usual [edited at request] talk to you soon. ha ha

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