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Originally Posted by deezildennis View Post
Well I did something stupid and I have a skinned up knee and shin from it.

I backed the bike out of the garage and the throttle cable got caught on my push mowers throttle lever. I didn't think anything of it and started the bike. The cable had been pulled out of the adjustment connection at the handle and I didnt notice it.

The bike was on the side stand and tore ass off dragging me along side of it. The bike hit my rider mower tire and stopped. No damage to the bike or the rider mower but I have a nice skinned up leg from it.

Stupid mistake.....I should have inspected the cable before I started it and should have been on the bike not off of it while starting it..

Dumb dumb dumb...could have been a lot worse if I didn't have Jeans on.

I guess having plastic all over the bike has some purpose after all!

Glad you are alright - sounds like it could have been ugly (but probably a good youtube vid).

BTW, I bought two ZNEN made bikes (under their own name, from a local brick and mortar dealer) in 2009. Had very few issues with them, which the dealer resolved. Mine disappointed me with a low top speed, but the carb was set up really, really lean. Low 50's was all it did on flat ground. But I put 3000 miles on it with minimal maintenance, and it never left me stranded (and never failed to start). I think you made a great choice. Have fun with it.

PS - If it gets hard to start in cool weather, upjet the pilot a little.
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