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Ive been meaning to post up some photos here.. better late than never so here are some of the XLs Ive owned and still own. I dont have a photos of most of the XLs Ive had or my first one, a '74 XL175 my Dad got new then handed it down to me.

83 & 85 100s I used to have, I rode the red one from key largo to key west and back one time.

'85 80S that restarted the pitbike craze for me

82 125S Ive owned the longest of them all.

87 600R

85 250R durring resto mod phase

the carb set on the 250R now which consist of an XL350R primary, XR350R secondary,
w/XR500R float bowls.

85 250R

87 XLR80R rare, grey market (Japan Only edition) 4sale BTW

Custom XRL80SR mini adv I built from an 80S and 80R
since the XLR80R is so rare I didnt want to mod it out so I made this one.

now If I can find a nice 85 350R I'll be all set..
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