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Heading West

IL, IllinoisThe Land Of Lincoln.
Seriously? Is that this entire place is famous for? I would not come here just for this. Morning was a brisk 62F and by noon was rose to 90. I stopped by a rest area to soak my cooling vest. Another biker arrived fully loaded with saddle bags and duffle bags towering over his head. We greeted each other and asked where he is heading - Arizona. A fellow traveler I thought. I was prepared to brag about my starting point from the east coast, the furthest part of the continuous states. He turned out to be from Alaska. Before meeting him here he crossed the entire stretch of Canada to the east coast and is now circling back through the sates to Alaska. Damn it, how do people have so much time? God bless them!

MO, Missouri
The Show Me State.
The terrain is slightly hilly. The roads don’t increase in elevation much and immediately decrease the same amount. Despite this the roads are as straight as Robin Hood’s arrow. The bland scenery was interrupted by fields of corn every now and then. The scenery left little impression with me.

KS, KansasThe Sunflower State.
The speed limit increased again to 75 mph but most people don’t exceed it by much. Everyone’s speed is around 80mph and like in the previous states they do it in the left lane with a totally empty right lane. The scenery is just as unimpressive as before. The state is made up of 97% flat land. Attention: the flatness of a pancake is 95%, maybe I should backtrack to Illinois before it’s not too late?

The drive from East to West has its own specifics. In the morning you watch your shadow in front of you and it’s fun to chase it. After 4pm the sun has made its way across the sky and like a laser is aimed at your eyes…damn it.

The compass glued to the West:

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Wild Wild West 2
Wild Wild West
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