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Heading West

I’m like a ship in the open ocean, not a single movement in any direction. No one tends on these lands. If I broke down or ran out of gas I will probably have to set up camp and wait for the next traveler. I didn’t even check if my phone has reception. The heat was unbearable, 110F. This wouldn’t have been a big deal if it wasn’t for the fierce crosswind. Not only burning me but trying to topple me over. I rode a few hundred miles angled about 15 degrees against the wind to compensate for it, one arm fully extended and the other angled at 90 degrees. In defense of the wind it was steady and you could at least adapt to it. When I reached a gas station I was asked “dude how did you ride your bike?” I thought to myself, it was tough and my arms are still tingling. I had to hang my body off my bike like racers taking a sharp turn. Or did I imagine it?

The road went suddenly up hill. At 10,000 ft the temperature suddenly dropped to 60F. I quickly took off my cooling vest and put on my coat:

The temperature dropped quickly:


One of the Scenic Views:

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Wild Wild West
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