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To Mackenzie Bridge

Thursday 21st July (already)
(great...we already don't know what day it to a great start! )

Thursday I get packed and the bike loaded and I'm looking at the Bike thinking perhaps I shouldv'e got some new bags, my throwover panniers are 25 years old and a little worse for wear having spent 12 years of their sorry lives in cold damp storage. Still, I bleached them a couple of summers ago when I dug them out and they've only got to hold my food and my underwear. Kind of handy throwover panniers have 2 bags to kind of seperate things out a bit.

Come time to leave and ride to John's and I'm starting to panic getting crap together and checking tire pressures, oil levels, gas, bags remembering last minute stuff and realizing I am packed to the hilt even though my plan was to travel as light as possible. I get to John's at 4.00pm and we roll off shortly after. The evening turns cold and I'm sure I have made the right decision to bring my Fieldsheer Adventure jacket rather then my mesh setup. It was pretty well the last time I wore that jacket 'zipped up' all the way for the entire trip but it was a lot easier than having to deal with a body armour, mesh and a waterproof.

John is right by the way. I like that picture, because normally I don't look studly and adventurly in photos. But, in that one I do. Completely studly and adventurely.

We find the camp at Mackenzie bridge and setup quickly in one of the last spaces available. It's late and we forget to pay and fill in the envelope for our camp site. We'll pay for that carelessness in the morning.

I took this picture of John trying to look like an adventure stud, but this is taken at the begining of the trip and he is still a mere boy at this time and his 1930's boy scout hat, 2 sizes too small, doesn't help him none.
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