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I have everything (house, cars, bikes) with State Farm so get some pretty good discounts. I do know that the annual premium for my 2011 800XC was exactly the same as the 2002 Suzuki 1200 Bandit that it replaced. That was weird when they told me that, but hell if I was going to complain. I'm 39 with a pretty clean record. State Farm goes by engine size and year more than anything else so I can see how a 2011 800cc could end up very similar to a 2002 1200cc. I don't have my statement here, but I know it's less than $400 a year and I think it was like $335 or similar. Again, I get some pretty big discounts for having everything through them. That's for full coverage... I think a $100 ded on Comp and $500 ded on Collision.
Jeez you guys have some cheap insurance, I can only dream about rates like that. Like so many things in Canada, we get screwed when compared to the US. I pay over $600 for 6 months of liability only on my CBF1000. They use the displacement rating system here as well so Jodie's DR200 is cheaper, it's only $400 for 6 months. No way can we afford full coverage on the bikes, I did the math and we can have a total loss every 3-4 years and still be ahead by "self" insuring. And I have their 20 year clean driving road scholar rate. Can't imagine what a 20 year old would pay. God bless gov't insurance.
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