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Originally Posted by tedesco886 View Post
Regarding the stalling problem. Everyone who seems to have it has had their "500mi" service and has a stock exhaust....Is there anyone here who does not fit those criteria?
Just took delivery of my Tiger a couple days ago. I have 450 miles on it right now. Should hit 600 tomorrow. No stalling yet. I did have the Arrows installed today. Nice, deep, throaty sound, just like my Street Triple. The very first Tiger I demoed stalled at least 6 times within two miles of downtown stop and go. I was so frustrated with it that I took it right back to the shop and did not even give one a second look. Then I took a trip on my 1200GS and was reminded again that it was really not the bike for me, so I headed back to a different shop, gave another Tiger a demo and loved it. So far, I'm very happy with the decision and I'm crossing my fingers it does not become a staller. For what its worth, the shop my bike came from says they have not had a single stalling bike yet, although I don't know how many they have sold.

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