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Catskills again, July 2011

So, we decided to do the catskills again. I did it with the guys last year, and some of them have been there a time or two again since. This is my second time getting up there with them. The roads are great up there, and we love riding them when we can. Rt 30, Rt 28 and Rt 28A are awesome. So are many others in the area, but damn if I remember what they are named.

Since we have one campsite in particular we like to have, we usually try to have one guy get there and save the campsite till the others get there. I did that this year. I took Friday off from work and rode a nice route up there. I had some help from ADV'ers in suggestion which roads to take. I am from northern NJ, so I know from here through there. NY was another story and I got some good input. This was my first route:,5.625

Then there was a suggestion made to go through Hawk's Nest on Rt 97 and take Rt 55 up to Rt 17..or back to Rt 17. That was a great section of road, for sure.,1.40625

Friday, July 29th.

So, here is the bike packed up.


mascots..I now have one..Gus the Gorilla.

Once I was in Sussex county..the good roads started. I missed them.

I grew up in Newton NJ..and was going through there on my way up. This was the house I grew up in. Its crazy how things are so different, than the way you remembered them in your younger days.

This looked familiar to me too as I passed it. Its the Layton General store some of the northern Nj guys meet at on Sundays for rides.

I stopped in Barryville to call wife and check in. I was not sure when I was gonna lose signal, and it was where 55 started for me, so it seemed like a good place. I actually did lose signal in hawks nest area....but there was construction there too, so I was not going back to before there searching for a signal.
Gus still hanging on.

This nice little waterfall was on the last road on the way to camp. Also, I forgot to mention that rain had started from Roscoe, all the way to camp. That was not fun, riding in a down pour, to get to and stay outside.

Gus was not happy about being so wet. Luckily it basically stopped by the time I started setting up camp.
Camp set up...basically. And Gus climbing a tree to dry off too..along with all my wet gear.



Once camp was set up, I had some hours to kill before my buddy Song got there.

quitting here for tonight. These things take more time then you think.
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