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Originally Posted by Grider Pirate View Post

... and they have endless perpetual motion threads there too.

Maybe I should run the power cables through the cap of an MSR bottle. 'Cause hey, if magnets can align fuel molecules, then fuel molecules can align my electrons.

Originally Posted by Grider Pirate View Post
I'm curious about the lack of BLDC motors in this size range. They seem simpler than brushed DC motors, but the big ones available are frighteningly expensive. The Controllers for them are expensive too.
I need to re-check but I don't think either Brammo, or the other one (Zerocycle?) are using brushless. Kinda' makes you go hmmmmmmm.
Mars makes some, but they're quite similar to their brushed DC motors. For a car or a street bike the lack of maintenance is more of an advantage than with a dirt bike IMO.

The brushless motor controllers are basically three standard controllers and some circuitry to synchronize them, which is why they're so expensive.

What I'd really like to try is an induction motor, but I haven't seen any that are small enough. They're all car sized.
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