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I bought mine over Memorial Day weekend, I had been up to the dealer in Spring Hill, FL (N of Tampa) twice and rode their SMT demo unit. I probably put 300 miles on the demo bike, my head said buy the "T" but my heart said "R." I made the right choice with the R - for sure!

I added R&G frame, axle and fork sliders, a SW Motech rack so I can carry a soft bag, GB Racing case covers and LEO slip ons. Changed the oil at 700 miles and then took it to Jennings GP for a private track weekend. Been riding it back and forth to work, mainly city :( and a few 200-300 mile runs (that's how far we ride to find a curve down here in FL). But I'm stoked since after tomorrow I'm off for 2 weeks and headed to western NC with the SMR, DRZ and SV in the trailer. Looks like a rainy week up there, maybe the 2nd week will be drier. And a rainy day in the mountains is way better than a sunny day at work...

cheers everybody
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