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Heat and Beat

On my first Indian I learned a few lessons. One was to check all the threads. If they are warn it is really easy
to repair them when the frame is stripped. Put a bolt in the threads and run it down and torque it down. Better to have the threads give way sooner than later. I've now have a good selection of heli-coil thread repair kits. On my Chief most threads in steal are fine threads and most threads that are in aluminum are course. 1/4-20 and 1/4-28 are very common bolt and thread sizes. Interestingly enough some threads are 1/4-24 on my 48 chief. This is for the front brake cable adjustment. I've asked around and have come to the conclusion that 1/4-24 was a common pre SAE thread. Fortunately there are few none standard SAE threads on my chiefs. This means a simple drive down to the hardware store is all it takes. And I was able to find a 1/4-24 thread repair kit on Ebay.

A chiefs kicker rides on a post that is pressed into the frame. I've seen frames with a broken frame casting. It's a real hassle to get this type of failure repaired well and straight. On a 48 chief the space between the frame and kicker leaves very little tolerance for a worn kicker or post when the exhaust is threaded between them. And not understanding this I neglected to replace the post on my first Chief. So on my 37 I took to heating the frame casting and beating out post out. Really not much drama here. The post has a .001" interference fit. And my my case slid right out, The new one went in as easy. But if you wait until the frame is finished this repair can be quit disturbing to the paint.

Another interesting note on Indian Frames is that the case sections are brazed to the tubes. It's my under standing that the frames and tubes were assembled and heated in an oven. Then removed after heated and brazed. The brazing material is quite apparent on he center tube and bottom casing.

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