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Originally Posted by Whale Rider View Post
Looking Good Fabrice, question why use a KTM front wheel.
Hi WR, I choose the KTM wheel for multiple reasons:
1- Excel rim
2- 20mm axle, same as the YZ so I get to use the YZ axle and (hopefully) spacers. Everything will just bolt on to the forks.
3- I will be able to use a KTM rotor from a 640 (300mm)or 640adv(320mm) since KTM hubs are all the same. I could not find an easy match in Yamaha's line up.
4- KTM wheels abound on ebay and they are cheap too.

Originally Posted by Whale Rider View Post
Why not use the YZ450 front wheel spacers and axel etc.
Motocross brakes will not slow the pig down! I'll use the axle and spacers (/2 above)

Originally Posted by Whale Rider View Post
What do you intend using the bike for?
Trail, road and travel.

Originally Posted by Whale Rider View Post
This is a discussion we had with Woody on which front rim width to use for different situations.
I have a 100GS front wheel fitted up to one of my 1100 with the standard telelever even that increases the off road performance by about 50%
Nice discussion but, like on your project, they kept the telelever. I want MX forks for a couple of reasons mainly:
-the reduced weight,
-the increase in travel
-strength: I think it will hold better in hard off-road and that the on road compromise will be ok for me. My friend has a 800GS and let me ride it for 2 weeks both to commute and off-road riding. After 1000km of mixed riding, I decided that I could live with a 21" on road no problem.

I hope I answered all your questions!
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