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Originally Posted by ButtonPushingMonkey View Post
Not having the stalling issue right now I can tell you what I would try as a workaround until the fix was brought out by triumph...I would get the bike nice and hot, then adjust the throttle slack such that it had just enough tension to raise the rpm by 100 or so. Then I would ride it and see if that kept it from stalling if so, great if not I would up it again. That would at least allow me to not always have the "is it gonna stall?" sitting in my head every time I came to a stop while I waited for triumph to provide an update.

Basically the thought behind this is to put in just enough input to the tps to prevent the ecu from falling into the the bad idle mode. This is distinctly different than upping the ecu default idle speed...
My thoughts on that is that you could make the situation worse because if it's the TPS that's at fault, as I suspect, every time you turn the key, your new cable position would be "zero" for the TPS. IMO it's the TPS zero position that's too low which is forcing the tickover lower than it should be and the engine then stalls.

What I'd like someone to do (because I don't have the problem) is :-
1) Before turning the key, twist the throttle and let it go so that it snaps back hard against its stop.
2) Turn the key and let everything prime up.
3) Press the starter button with your index finger. To make sure you're not accidentally twisting the throttle slightly when starting the engine.
4) See if you still have the stalling problem.
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