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Anyone wanting to buy this bike should. Nice quote from our RR. It's true we will own this bike despite the stalling because Triumph will figure it out if they haven't all ready. They will be able to take our bikes a part and learn anything they want. The bikes will have about 9000 miles on them by the time we are done and those miles were not all kind on the bikes.

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I agree with you and the two of you have put these bikes through the acid test. Thak you for taking the time to comment here and thanks much for your great blog.

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I'm really interested in the 800xc. I've tried searching online for others having problems with the bike but haven't been able to find anything. So, I'm guessing it's a very small number bikes that are having trouble, or....maybe it has something to do with this forum...the only people having problems with their bikes are on this forum...Quit posting and reading and see what happens. kidding of course
I have not had a problem - yet. I have a little over 1000 miles miles on my XC. That will change next week by about 2000 miles. Even knowing about the stalling issues, I did not hesitate to buy my XC. This week I rode with two other 800 riders on a very hot day, mid to upper 90's F. Two of us have never experienced the stalling issue and one has. The one that has has learned how to work around it. He is riding and enjoying his bike while waiting for the fix from Triumph.

I encourage you to go ahead a purchase the 800. You will love it. My only complaint is the heat; but that will feel good in the winter!
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