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Channings Football and massive hangover

Well today started off tough, had to get up and go watch Channing play soccer down in Virginia a few suburbs away. Was a nice morning but I have felt better thats for sure got to love the 9am kick off for kids soccer after you have had a big night but I did say I would be there.

Vern let me borrow the spare car which made it a bit better than being on the bike. Went over to his home ground and couldnt see anything that looked like Channings team so thought id ring Alexa to see if I was at the right ground. Cool, wrong ground bozo back a few suburbs the other way, back to the car and head off thinking i wonder if ill be late. Yeah so thats the coach in me, I get there Alexa and Channing and none of his team mates are even there yet so thought i better go make sure im at the right ground.

As im talking to one of the local club guys a lady walks up and says the girls toilets are dirty. The bloke just sits there and thinks what do you want me to do about it, he says we have cleaners for them but they put off the guy and hadn't replaced him. Im pretty sure the local crew over here dont know what looking after amentities means they just have the local coloured people do all that kind of stuff for them. So I say to the lady give me a second and I'll sort it out, havent been at the club for 10 minutes and im cleaning their clubhouse shithouse's and opening it up for the lady and her daughter to use.

Alexa and Channing turn up about 10 minutes before kick off, she would be feeling a little shakey too, im pretty sure she left before me last night but it would of still been late. Channing's team had a 0-0 draw, he didnt have much to do in goal but in the end made a great save right at the end. Im glad I got up to watch them, its always good to see the kids playing soccer and enjoying themselves. Said my goodbyes to Alexa and Channing and headed home to die, I felt like absolute poo. Didnt do anything other than buy some KfC on the way home, that'll tied me over till whenever.
The rest of the day was a pretty non event as you can imgine just relaxed around the lodge chillaxing.
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