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fixing my screen and late lunch

Got up and relaxed around the lodge for awhile then went for a ride down to the beach front I really like it down there the boardwalk promenade is a really nice place to hang out. Had to go over to the Yamaha dealer to see about getting this screen extension I bought installed and yeah they could do it, great. Jason sorted it out and did a good job its an extension off a KTM but its the only one that fitted into the screen on the BMW well maybe not the only one but the only one the guys at Gear Up had in stock.

Installed it unfortunatly the bases of the bracket are flimsy crap and it cracked but its all bolted to the screen now and I cant see it being to much of an issue coming loose. While I was there got a call from Alexa, her and her friend Chris and Channing were at the Chinese restaruant having a late lunch so headed over there in La Lucia to grab something to eat with them.

Got back on the bike and went for another ride for about an hour just cruising around im loving riding this bike its so easy to ride. The extension is great works a treat its so noticable straight away. I ended up back down the beachfront and went for a walk. Its funny over here all the apartments are built right on the coast and in a few spots the boardwalk is falling into the sea, you can see the ocean coming to claim some of these places eventually, there only like 100 feet from raging seas im not sure if id like to be owning one of them you can see whats coming a mile away, unless they dump bucket loads of rock out off the coast a little to stem to wave surge a little

Had the feeling like its time to go again so that day is certainly coming sooner rather than later, I wonder if i can hang out till the Test match between the Aussies and the Springboks I've been invited to go to in a few weeks, it's really very nice of them to offer the ticket to me a corporate box ticket for a rugby test match is like gold around here, if I do stay, its another night on the piss which standard takes a few days to recover fully from so if do go I'm not leaving till at least the 17th of July which means I will have spent almost 5 weeks in Durban. I know hurry up and start this adventure for christ's sake.

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