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Sani Pass to East London The Wild Coast.

Got up this morning and started to pack up met a few of the guys who had got in last night Barry and his friends were doing the Sani Pass today whether its open or not is another thing. Another guy sorry bud ive forgotten your name turned up with a 1200 adventurer on a trailer and was hoping to ride the pass he told me he was thinking the Garden route so might catch up somewhere along the line.

Finally finished packing and said my goodbyes to Geraldine the owner and hit the road. Had a freezing cold ride over to East London from Himeville. I was riding and the thermometer on the bike was reading 0'celcius brrrr absolutely freezing.

Stopped off at one stage in the middle of nowhere cause it had started snowing to funny I was absolutely loving it, even if I was freezing my balls off. just love the extremes of weather.

Just north of Kokstad came across an accident this was no ordinary accident a high ace minvan had done a U turn in front of a bus and both vechiles had ended up in a creek off the road. There were bodies all over the place, just what you need to see.

Talked to one of the rescue guys who was just suiting up to go look for a kid that was missing probably under the bus. Hung around and of course took a few pictures but the picture of them loading bodies into body bags is etched in my head. 8 dead with two still not accounted for not the kind of accident you want to come across and see. Oh well shit happens i guess but very sad.

Anyway got on my way and rode on still bloody freezing stopped a few times shaking I was so cold. Just kept riding didnt expect to get as far as I did as the weather was so crap rained nearly all the way so to do 600k's in it was a big effort one I actually enjoyed.

There was a section as you enter the wild coast the road is great was doing up to 140 kmh winding through the hills, just love this beemer to ride is so much fun and handles really well. Had a few dogs come running out on the road but been keeping an eye out for wandering animals so had already slowed down then hit the anchors otherwise it was beemer one dog zero, very close call.

Got into East London and tried a few b&b's seems to be the standard 3rd time lucky again. Met Trish & Kevin and their kids and grand kids seem like a nice family.

Got unpacked and relaxed for awhile then headed down to grab something to eat in the local shopping centre around the corner. Now just sitting back chilling eating dinner all nice and warm so all good. Will stay here till Monday morning have a look around tomorrow then head off to Port Elizabeth about 300k's down the coast.
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