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Originally Posted by spagthorpe View Post
I've owned a Sprinter, and it's not getting 30mpg unless dropped off a cliff.

I guess total miles hauled in a year might be around 10% of use. I do have a few cross country, or semi-cross country trips planned, and regularly do 800-1000 mile round trips. Just seems that on those occasions, if possible, I'd like to be up there mileage wise.

I've been driving V6 vehicles for a while now, probably did 35K last year, all at a top of 20mpg, probably more like 17mpg overall. Adds up.
I think you have few good options. AFAIK, most of the high mileage smaller cars have very limited towing capacity like 1,000 lbs - good enough for a couple of bikes to be sure but not for a full on toy hauler - the Subi I referenced maxes out at 2,000 with trailer brakes but the newer ones may vary from that. We decided we wanted something with a bit more ummph and ended up with a V6 which gets better mileage on tow than the Subi does [about 2-3 mpg better!] but does not do quite as well unladen as the Subi can.

Can you have two vehicles? One for high mileage driving and the other for when you need to tow? I realize that solution has a lot of suckage in it, but maybe you can justify it?

I really don't know anything about the TDI's although if VW's quality control problems have been solved, they do know how to build decent cars, or they used to.
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