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I am up to almost 7,000 miles on my first set of PR3's on the 1050 Tiger. Mostly commuting and back road cruising but some aggressive riding in the twisties including a 2,000 mile trip to the dragon and back.

I tend to be easier on tires than some of you. They are wearing well for the most part. Rear is squared off. Front and rear are feathering at the sipes a bit. But hey, 7,000 miles.

I would say tread wear is at 3/4 gone. They have always felt very planted and stuck to the road while hitting the foot peg feelers. Feed back seemes to be the same as PR2's. Wet traction is great. On wet roads I was able to hit the brakes surprisingly hard before the ABS kicked in. Once while just testing out the tires and once while avoiding three deer blocking most of the road as I rounded a blind corner.

I will be using them again.
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