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OK, back at it again.

The nights camp fire. The time sitting around the campfire and BS'ing is what makes the camping part great.



The day's stats:

We got up the next morning, packed up camp and headed for home. Actually, first we headed into town to have breakfast together. Then Song headed his way, back to his new digs in MA. I headed back most of the with Mike, Tony and Morgan. They are all PA we split off a little above the Washington's Crossing area.

The stats for the ride home.

The bike speedo mileage did not jive if you add up the day stats from the Garmin. But, it was with in 3% or so. Close enough for me.

Final thoughts:
- It was great to see the guys and hang out again. Unfortunately, I never has as much time as I would like to have to hang with these guys, much less ride with them. So, its good when I can.
-I rarely ride too hard by myself. As a matter of fact, the last time I rode hard was with these guys, on the same trip last year. So, its good to get out there and have fun riding hard again. "Spirited" riding is one of the times I feel most alive..and that I am actually living life and not merely existing.
- Thanks to dirt riding for the last two years, I have gotten even more comfortable on the street. I find myself getting into this zone....where I am not really thinking about the riding itself...almost like the riding is coming from a subconscious place, leaving my conscious to experience my surroundings more. It is a great feeling.
- people in bumblefack NY are nicer than people in NJ. Having people be nice and start up a conversation is odd to me...but it certainly was nice.

OK, that is the end of the this one. We are repeating in a month or so..I'll just add onto this one. Thanks for checking it out and hope you enjoyed.

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