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You’re still here? OK, I warned you.

On with the show.

A few teaser pics:

This is a Ride report, right? So I want to keep introductions and the non-riding aspects to a minimum. However, I want this to be more than a place to house our pictures. I did a lot of thinking inside that helmet and think it’s important to share at least a little of it. At least for my wife who wasn’t able to come along.

Tim and I have been good friends for a few years now thanks to being Instructors for Project Appleseed. He's a big backpacker and all around woods McGyver. For quite awhile, I've emailed him links to RRs here, loaned him the Long Way Round set of DVDs (let's keep our comments about that series to ourselves, k?)
, and told him how much I love my '05 KLR. Earlier this year he picked up a nice '07 specimen, his first bike even though he's spent a lot of time offroad on quads, and we made plans to tackle this trip.

I have been riding bikes on the road since before I had my driver's license, but have almost zero experience in the dirt. So here's the story of basically two newbs.

We did an overnight shake down trip in the Red River Gorge area of KY you can read about
Here. That consisted of my first double digits of gravel miles, but looked a lot different from about everything the UPAT offered. Pretty much everything that trip was level, straight, and fast. See what I mean?

Great to learn on.

For a long time, all of my motorcycle adventures to this point have been 2-up. I’ve been lucky to find a partner who likes packing one change of clothes and taking off for a week to the Ozarks, or Smoky Mtns, or Charleston, or whatever point on the map we decide upon.

But this ride is different.

For this ride, I ratcheted on my AFX helmet, buckled the Sidi boots, and kept weight low in the saddleblags for a reason. This was to be my last Mancation for quite awhile.

It’s almost time to strap on the kevlar, lace up the combats, and jump check my kit for noise...

The Baby Is Coming!

Sorry guys, that pic above is the only one you’re going to see of my wife lifting her shirt. But I have to tell you... things have progressed... spectacularly. Anyone who doesn’t believe in some form of Intelligent Design needs to explain how anything but an ever-loving God helped ensure mankind's families, and therefore mankind, would continue... by balancing pregnant hormone level growth swings with mammary growth swings.

But I digress... For this trip, I had a lot of thinking to do. The joy and anticipation has been there for awhile. We couldn’t be more excited. We’ve read the books. We’ve put together the crib. We’ve almost decided on a name.

I’ve been blessed with exceptional parents who continue to do anything for us.

Will I measure up? Guess we’ll see.

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