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Welp I got some more progress done tonight. Cut the unwanted brackets on the subframe:

Then I started to make the board for the seat and rear cowl to mount to. I believe I will be fiber glassing over the wood to cover it up. In my head it all should work, but I bet in reality something comes up that I haven't thought through. Here's the start of the board:

The board also acts as a tank riser so the bottom of the tank should be perfectly horizontal. I had to use a dado blade to make room for the tank mounting brackets but it all worked and looks good.

Then with a little extra time I decided to make a prototype cowl... It gets the idea across but honestly looks terrible I probably should have spent more time on making it but I really just needed to see how far back and forward my butt could go. That way I can keep the sub frame as short as possible.

It's starting to shape up. I will be building number plates for it tomorrow along with bending up the rear hoop to close the back up. Still not sure what kind of tail light I will be using but I figure I still have a little time to decide on that. Thanks again for looking! More progress soon to come!
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