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Originally Posted by Sportsman Matt View Post
Big difference between the chinese model and the original Big Ruckus is very apparant. The Chinese clone lacks water cooling, lacks the Dual headlight setup, needs high octane gas, lighter weight, and probably lacks the linked braking system for the front and rear brakes, along with different size tires and rims than the original Honda Big Ruckus.

59MPH is impressive, but mine tops out at between 75-85 MPH depending on the grade and road conditions, cruises along at 65MPH without breaking a sweat. That's the difference between riding the original and a clone.

Now after your flogging for the clone, I have to say I am impressed, which is not very easy to do as I've been there and done that. Cool color, and with the exception of the color, looks exactly like a 2007 Big Ruckus, mainly due to the headlight.

Personally I would dump the single 55W/65W for a Dual 6" 55W/65W, they are bright enough to go deer jacking with, plus makes it look more like the OEM than a clone.

Also keep track of your MPG, the BR gets between 60-75MPG with the watercooled 250cc engine, wonder what
that lightweight 150cc air cooled gets?

And for storage, the Honda OEM water resistant storage container for the cargo rack is a Rubbermaid Action Packer, available from Walmart, and tied down with bungee cords or a bungee net.
That's incredible top speed on a BR. I owned a BR and a Reflex and neither could scare that kind of top speed. This is down wind, down hill with the throttle having been pinned for 3 minutes. This is indicated. Actual is probably upper 60's.

The Chinese copy has two rear shocks. The BR has one.

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