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10 passes in Colorado over 415 miles in 14 hours. When I get a day off, it's time to go!! I have been working retarded hours this summer. Only three days off in all of July. I'm pretty sure I had over 5000 miles by this time last summer. As Terry and I were having breakfast before our ride he told me about Stockholm Syndrome. I was actually feeling bad for not being at work! How fucked up is that?! That feeling quickly faded as we hit the pavement out of town.

As most of my rides go, I had a ton of miles planned with some outs depending on how bad things got. I learned my lessons from the last day off I had and did some route research before we left. You can get into some trouble quick in Colorado! I ruled out several passes that would be too much for what we wanted to do. The main factor being that Terry rode his bike to Colorado to work three weeks and he needs to get home on it. We aren't Sallys, but today would push Terry a bit on the GS12 ADV anyways. I wouldn't have it any other way.

It's Saturday and summer in the mountains. There was a ton of traffic on 285 as we left Denver and rolled closer to Fairplay. We came up on another ADVer on a F800. I could tell he liked to ride and we were passing cars together and having fun before even speaking a word to each other.

I didn't do so well with the riding and shooting today. I need a better setup for my new camera, which I love btw. I need a case on my chest strap of my backpack. Pulling it from my pocket is awkward.

I had to take a leak and we all pulled into the gas station at Buena Vista. Sphene is another crazy rider and we talked for a few minutes. Mainly about how awesome the Tiger is. He had a different plan for his day so each went our separate ways. Nice meetin ya Sphene!

Terry and I continued South and eventually West. We got on the gravel and went over old Monarch pass. I was getting used to the new TKC up front. I was very pleased with this tire over the course of the day. We both dropped tire pressure at the summit since this was the real beginning of our ride.

It was good gravel the whole way down the pass and fairly uneventful. Pretty, but uneventful.

I warned Terry ahead of time, you can only read so many reports before you make the decision to go or not to go when route planning. We had to do at least one tough pass for the day and Tomichi Pass got the nod.

I let Terry go ahead when I realized he'd be chasing me on the Tiger just as I chase him when he's on the 300XCW and I'm on the 250X.

I stopped to take a picture and Terry got out ahead of me. He followed a quad up the wrong trail and was immediately challenged. Quite the climb going up 888"B". Yeah, we wanted just plain 'ol 888. I got to the intersection and didn't know which way he went. I took a quick run down the right way and Terry wasn't there. Up we go! I met Terry at the top of the climb and I could tell it was a bit more than he wanted to do. But hey, he was the one that took the wrong turn!

Back down the hill and onto the right trail....

The wildflowers were beautiful!

There were a few spots that were rockier than others. I had to give Terry a push over one of these rocks. The Tiger just ate it up! I want to state here that Terry is a very talented rider and way more experienced than me. He was taking care of his bike and going slow over this stuff. I was throwing caution to the wind a bit and letting the Tiger rip! All day long...

Goddamn there are some real idiots in the world. Tire tracks though an alpine meadow full of flowers. If I saw someone doing this, I'd probably pull out the 9 and put a few shots across the bow. Seriously. Don't fuck with my rights to come ride here.

Tomichi Pass Summit!!!

We were pretty stoked at this point. The view was awe inspiring. A few pics from the top.

We headed down the pass. Terry saw a marmot for the first time. Cute little things.

We talked with a family dirt bikers that were amazed we got that size bike over the pass. No big woop. They said there were two groups of jeeps up the road at the Old Alpine Tunnel and it was completely clogged. That was our queue to get going ahead of them down the pass.

The pass goes slowly down the valley on an old railroad bed high above the Middle Fork of the Quartz river. Beautiful Aspen groves and smooth surface to haul ass on.

We had lunch at the bottom of the pass in the shade near the intersection of 839 and 735. Great morning so far!!!! The rest later...
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