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After some lunch and conversation about the fantastic day we'd already had, we headed North on 765 towards Cumberland Pass. It was a pretty good graded gravel road and once again, I was on the gas. Right when we got on 765, I had to get around a minivan with Texas plates. I did so on the gas and crossed up with gravel spittin' out the back. There are times I like having the street tire on the back.

I continued my passing efforts. The next few vehicles were four stroke trail type (XRs) bikes that were moving along pretty good. Not 93 horse and 10k rpms good though, so they were forced to eat Hobbes' dust.

The climb was pretty quick and the view was incredible!! Colorado really is an amazing place.

Terry came around the bend and there was a jeep trail that left the good gravel and went higher. Naturally, I had to go check it out. So we went. This led to a pretty decent hill climb. Naturally, I had to climb it. So I went.

This climb was filled with loose softball and basketball size rocks. I did it in first and it went pretty damn well. We were at 12,300 feet, so the low end grunt was a little lacking. You can see in the video that I got kicked side ways by a rock and then recover. The problem was, I was wide open and at about 750 rpm! I should have slipped the clutch to make it the last ten feet to the true top. Hindsight is 20/20. I did make it to where it flattened out, so I got the bike picked up and over the top. Once there I took these photos. It's a 360 degree sequence looking to your right.

A few different zoom shots...

Yep, that's zoomed in at the BMW at the bottom.

Terry took this shot of me coming down. Can you pick which bike looks out of place?

God I love this bike. This one is gonna make a very strong case for best adv bike in the world. It gets my vote!

The obligatory shot at the Cumberland Pass sign. 12,015 feet.

The ride down Cumberland afforded some great views of some of the highest peaks in the lower 48 and North America for that matter.

Once down the pass, the road flattened out but the views and pretty scenery didn't stop.

This is Tincup. Cute little historic mountain town.

These are the mountains on the West side of the Collegiate Peaks Range. These aren't even the tallest mountains in the area!

I may or may not have broken into triple digit speeds on this stretch of gravel.

We rode past Taylor Park Reservoir. It was kind of congested since it was Saturday, but pretty nonetheless. We turned right on 209 and rode towards Cottonwood pass. It was packed gravel and kind of like asphalt for most of the way. Lots of traffic. More beautiful views.

Taylor Park Reservoir in the distance.

I'm not quite sure why they looped the road up like that right there. But wither way, it was FUN! We passed a Bentley going down the gravel road there. He's a different level of rich than I.

The top of the pass.


The road turns to pavement going down the pass. This is what we had to look forward to. This might be my favorite photo of the day.

Terry has a new Gopro camera on his helmet. This is the video heading down the pass. The video is never as impressive as what you were riding. The speedo on the GS indicates 80 straight up. We let er loose and were hauling ass. I can ride this bike as fast as my old Superhawk. It lacks the top end speed, but I don't need that anymore. Enough talky talky...watchy watchy...

We came out in Buena Vista where we passed by earlier in the day. Quite the nice loop if you ask me.

A Gatorade break and back on the highway going North in the direction of Leadville. We turned off on Weston Pass. This would be the last dirt pass of the day. The road was recently graded, so depending on how you look at things, it was more or less fun. I'd say less fun. There's been a lot of rain recently and it probably was pretty rutted. It was getting to be a long day and maybe it's for the better.

The eighth pass of the day.

Looking back waiting for Terry.

Thanks for this pic Terry! It's a great one. Just like this country.

We saw some antelope as we rode across the basin they call South Park.

And that concludes the picture segment of our journey. We were starving and I was having a craving for a restaurant in my old home of Breckenridge. Rasta Pasta. If you are ever in that town, eat there. Just a short 26 miles over Hoosier Pass and we were there. No pic cause we were on a mission! It was another spirited ride.

Dinner was awesome! Then, we had to finish out the day. I-70 Interstate back home. It was dark and we parted ways 70 miles later when he peeled off for his exit to South Denver.

And that was how I spent my one day off.
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