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Originally Posted by Jim Williams View Post
as of 3800 miles mine doesn't stall. yet. I wanted to add some positive data though.

I ran mine in per CalSci's recommendations.

To date, I've burned ZERO oil. None. I keep checking and it's the exact level. Not sure if that has anything to do with the break in procedure, or that this bike just doesn't burn any oil, but that is awesome. I ran in my Uly the exact same, and after 15,000 miles it still burns oil. Couldn't be happier about that aspect of the bike!

Ditto here. I only have about 1200 miles on the XC but no oil burning and no (knock wood) stalling. I am in the camp that believes any stalling is related to the stepper motor. Software doesn't change but mechanical bits can and do. I suspect any software change will be made to compensate for some glitch in the stepper. I had the 600 mile check done at the dealer and the bike ran as good after as when I took it in. I don't plan to take it back though unless I have a warranty problem since I try and do all work myself.
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