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Why clone the little Ruck... a guy on here did a swap for 700 bucks... that's a deal. The little ruck is a short bike AND not everyone is a tiny tike. I find the little ruck a great bike but it's small, and the BR is big... seems simple doesn't it.

Honda does sell what sells, but every MIC scoot out there is a kick in the balls to honda's bottom line and it's a lost customer. If every one riding a MIC scoot bought a honda instead, the prices would be more affordable... wouldn't they? Let's ask taco bell. When they went to there value menu (if you recall they were the first to offer the 99 cent menu) Their volume went up 400 percent.

More people buying a product allows the maker to buy the parts of that product in a bigger volume and getting a better price. That would make the end product cheaper to produce.

I own many Honda's. And Not every honda buyer gets what they want. Sometimes they get what's CLOSEST to what they want because they are willing to make a sacrifice in desire to the durability of the machine. I would love a PCX 300 but would buy an sh150 as a compromise? (for illustration purposes only) Honda makes many bikes in other markets that they have never tried to market here. (the honda solo and MOTRA are among my fav's). Honda doesn't have a clue as to what WOULD sell here, they only know WHAT sells here and limits OUR consumption. The rest of the world, and the 3rd world for that matter, get's a ton more choices than the usa.

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