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Well..... I had a great little ride this afternoon.. Don't even know how many miles I rode on it. For now I am using a Backpack turned sideways and the back straps slid over the seat back. Seems to work great!! Went and got some different 12volt sockets and ended up being on the bike for 3-4 hours.

The Bike is getting faster as it is breaking in. It will cruise pretty damn nice at 50 all damn day long and enough pipe to get up into the 60's if needed. I Like kicking the r's up a little at lights with the brakes on and taking off a little hot. It is actually pretty quick.....You know...For a scooter. I am sure I'll wear out a belt or two.. It is Getting pretty good milage, it has to be over 70mpg..

As far as the Lil ruckus goes they are just too small for me. I think they are cool and all but I am just too Fat to be comfortable on such a little bike. I have a whole stack of ct70's with all sorts of various engines from 70cc to 150cc china engines and some that can hit way over 70mph with my 230lbs sitting upright. Fun for a bit....But not fun to ride all day long.

This bikes slower than my hopped up ct70's but it has a nice ride and is way more like motorcycle while you ride and you don't squish your nuts when you ride it... Every scooter I test rode even some *out of the price range* stellas and they squished the crap out of me.... Not good when I just had surgery on the guys in FEB.... TMI for some but this Shit adds up here. I needed a bigger comfortable bike.

When I went looking at scooters I had $1500 to spend That was it... Nothing more. I found a few nice honda elite 150cc's and some riva's for about that price but they all needed something, were ragged out and some parts are pricey and in the rivas case hard to find. I Missed out on a nice Helix for $1400 a week after I bought my SSR Rowdy but I have Half of a helix at least!!

After reading clayjars thread I decided to search out a china scooter from a brick and morter dealer that I could get a warranty on.. Thats actually pretty hard to find. Most guys sell the low tier china crap at flea markets and the internets but I knew of one scooter shop that delt with them and he has a very good reputation...

Again... this bike has a 1 year warrenty on it and this guy has held
A rating with the bbb for over 7 years.. I think I will be alright. Hell he has called me to bring it back to take some pics of it at the store and to check it over..

I am just really enjoying the hell out of this bike. I like the look of it, I like the way it feels and yes I wish it had more power . Maybe I will get a wild hair up my ass later this year and put the helix engine into it...Maybe....Maybe not?
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