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Nuts and Bolts

Most of the nuts and bolts on my chief have been standard sizes. 1/4-20, 1/4-28, 5/16-24, 3/8-24. Course threads for aluminum and fine threads for steel. There are a few a special nuts and bolts but for the most part you could go down to the hardware store and source most. For a rider that works. For a custom bike that may be okay too. But my 37 Chief is meant to be be like it was in 1937. In 1937 they didn't mark the heads with the hardness of the bolt. You can buy bolts with no marking but they tend to be the softest. I've talk to a few restorers who have filed or machined the heads flat. The course I've taken on both my 1948 and 1937 projects was to but a "Bolt Kit" from Ed Glasgow of Tully New York.

I've never met Ed in person but from doing business with him I can tell you that he's got to be one of the nicest and helpful guys around. He has build sheets detailing what bolts are needed where and he sells complete kits for Indians. His bolts look the part and stand up.

The tapered washers are for the head bolts and I got them from Greer Ed may have them but I neglected to ask. I did note the lock washers I got from Ed where knurled on the edges and I'm not sure if they would have been the case of a lock washer in 1937. It's a small detail but getting bottom if that one will may make for some interesting research. Next Posting: Brakes

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