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This is a fuel injected bike. The whole system is computer controlled. If I can ride the bike in any way that makes it then stall at idle or when transitioning from load to idle, there is a problem in the system, not in how I drive.

One must be completely nuts to

1) claim that the riding style can be wrong and therefore start this behavior and / or

2) accept this behavior at all.

No matter how I ride a bike, it should never ever show this. If it does, given that it is completely fuel injected and computerized, something is wrong with the bike, not the riding.

And I can still not understand why people are not complaining with NHTSA - have you never worked with any manufacturer at all?

If there is a problem reported by user(s) to the company, one engineer might be looking into this in the time he has left after doing his other work, therefore, not very much is done at all. As soon as you get official traction, an official agency involved for example, with the added pressure that this could, in some circumstances cause physical harm to a person (have the freaking thing stall on a busy highway, on an intersection, some other weird traffic situation) and the threat of charges against that said manufacturer, you will have a group of engineers looking full time into the problem until it is solved.

Triumph might be looking into things and I'm fairly certain they are, but to get traction on this, rider reports do absolutely nothing to make this move faster. That's just not how manufacturers work.
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