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Hey guys, I am new here and new to the dual sport world. I just bought a 88 NX 250 and have been having some problems. When I brought it home, the CDI immediately went bad. That was annoying....paid 270. Alright the bike is good to go hopefully right....wrong! I was at 7/11 and go out, hop on and try to start it. Turn the key and no power. Eventually get the idea to bump start it. Finally get home and look at the problem further. I put a meter on the battery, and it has plenty of power. When I turn the key on all voltage drops.... Now its not the generator because it runs with no power from the battery.

Now what could be causing this? Bad ground>???

thanks guys

I recently had the same problem, it turned out to be the starter relay switch, it is on the right hand side of the bike near the exhause and has a fuse in it. I replaced that and I was good to go.
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